If You Build It They Will Come: How To Build Your Healthy Network in Three Easy Steps

You are the total sum of the five people you hang around most.  I can’t remember where I read this, but I definitely believe it to be true.  Ever heard the old saying that misery loves company?  Or birds of a feather, flock together? *insert* Ah woop bop blue bop, a whop bam boo! (Sorry, Grease nut here and I just couldn’t resist…. 😉

But back to being serious, what do you do when you want to make healthy changes, but everyone else in your circle of friends is a Macca-burger-loving-red-bull-slurping-wouldn’t-eat-a-veggie-unless-it-was-deep-fried kind of person? (Not that there is anything wrong with that, no shaming, everyone is on their own journey)

YOU FIND YOUR TRIBE, your Support System and seek out like minded souls.  This can be difficult, if like me, you live in a small town, but believe me, you CAN DO IT! And I’ll give you three easy steps to build your healthy network and how to make the most out of:

1) Get on Facebook and use it for good not evil. Joking 😉 Facey is GREAT for “meeting” and being inspired by like minded peeps.  There are great Fitness forums, Healthy Eating Forums and Pages dedicated to providing you with information and a platform to connect with and learn from like minded people, who may be travelling on a similar journey.  I especially love the Facebook groups, as these are great motivators to help you are starting out on your healthy journey.

2) Create your own local group.  Chat to friends, see if they know or would be interested in getting together every month, fortnight, week (hey, as often you want) and just chat.  Discuss food, health, relationships, work, family etc. Because the health holistic journey, encompasses so much more than food, and just chatting with these beautiful souls can help you so much more than staying at home and reading that health book.

3) Go along to as many health events, wellness days and classes as your schedule allows.  By putting yourself “out there” you will find soul sisters will naturally gravitate towards you and people you may not have realised, have similar interests and want similar support.  Plus nothing uplifts your spirit than meeting other soul sisters and bonding on all things healthy.

You will find once you start to put yourself into those circles, you will find more and more kindred souls who are also along their health journey’s.  Some will be mentors, others will be riding alongside you and others you can help out once they start to change their health.  I love the sisterhood that comes together when women support each other, we can change our lives, the lives of others and be inspirations to those, we don’t even realise that are being inspired.